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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Weekend Of The Red Hat

Typical Colorado weather around here. A/C and Heat needed within 24 hours. Started our first fire of the season. Winter's a-comin......

Speaking of needs--other than a vacation to a Caribbean island to be fed roasted pig and grapes by hand--I must admit that it's challenging to figure out what to do with EGB at this age. I mean there are only so many aerospace engineering books I can read to a 4 month old before she dozes off. Only so many so many Latin songs we can sing. Only so many political campaign tax plans we can read.

In reality, we sing, we dance...It's like the Chorus Line around here...but I wonder if in this hyper-competitive age we should be doing more to prepare her for pre-pre-pre-pre-pre school so that she can get into an Ivy League school by the age of 11. Singing "Pat-A-Cake" is fun and all, but I'm not sure we're making any giant leaps in academic development here. Side note: I thought it was "Patty Cake" all these years. Yes, there was some woman named Patty who made some kick ass cakes and made people clap their hands if they wanted a piece. I was devastated when I just came across the lyrics and realized it's "Pat-A-Cake"....there is no Patty. She's got no cakes. And what are people doing "patting" cakes? What the heck does that do? Maybe "Slap-A-Cake"? Now that sounds like more fun.

Anyway, maybe I'm getting ahead of the game here. We're just gonna let a 4-month old milk gangster be a 4-month old milk gangster. Now when she gets to 5-months......we'll revisit existential philosophers and Tolstoy. In the meantime...we're slappin cakes.

Possibly my favorite's the eyes. I know it's not just me because we get comments wherever we go about the depth of her eyes--she can cast spells. We went out to breakfast the other weekend and this guy who was waiting for a table came up and said when he looked over at EGB she looked at him with "grown eyes". I believe she's an old the form of a caterpillar milk fiend.
Time to put on the strawberry winter hat and fight the animals in the jungle. Arrrrrr
Went to watch the Dairy Queen play some tennis. Umpire, that ball was in!!!!! Don't make me come over there and squirt strawberry juice out of my head.
Hurry up mom! Miilllk!!!!!

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