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Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Toe Bitin"...The New VP Candidate

I know babies do some odd things. Sometimes with EGB I feel like I'm at the primate exhibit at the zoo. You know the one....baboons with red bottoms slinging doo doo around. Not that EGB has done any doo doo slinging, but she will do some wild monkey tricks. The latest is taking her left foot...not right--still trying to figure out what that means...and putting the big toe in her mouth. Sock or no sock she manages to suck her toe. To no avail, I've tried to discourage this behaviour as it will make obtaining a job more difficult.

She really only did it for 4 days. Then either forgot about it or decided that toes taste nasty.

Nuff said.

Still working on the happiest baby of they year award...
To dispel any rumors that EGB is always happy. Oh's just that it's harder to get out the camera and start snapping away when fussy fits happen. But here you are, unhappy, but still relentlessly cute, EGB.

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Heather Mac said...

I hear that sucking your left big toe helps you pass gas. The right one isn't as effective.

papadangerous said...

Oh...that must be it!! ha.