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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When Babies Attack

Most babies are sweet, have no feelings of ill will, and smell like damp roses and diapers. Ohhh noooo, not EGB. She's straight out of prison. She's vicious. If you feed her after dark.....she'll eat your children. And if you feed her before dark....she'll still eat your children.

One time I saw EGB in the mall, and she threw the lady handing out the free samples of orange chicken over a group of high school kids into a bowl of fried rice because she said EGB was cute. Another time EGB drove her stroller to Hollywood to try out for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and they ended up banning her from the State of California after she set the ring on fire because her opponent said she smelled nice.

I swear. It's a war zone around here. We need a stimulus package just to focus on EGB's destruction. It's gonna be a long year.

If there are kids in the room or if you have a weak stomach.....don't play this video--it may cause nightmares.

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Grandpa Alan said...

From Grandpa in the wilds of Montana;
What a gift and a blessing to have such a wonderful creature in our lives. You can tell by her smile that she is anticipating the joy of catching her first 23 inch rainbow with grandpa. Thank you to Dave and julie for giving me this gift.

Heather Mac said...

I'm sure the Dairy Queen loves that you're teaching her that Papa Dangerous...

Overwhelmingly adorable as usual.

Love and hugs from Cali.