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Monday, February 23, 2009

EGB Gone Fishin' there's a little backlog on the EGB pics/video updates which is quite unfortunate as she mutates like an alien daily. Therefore, these pictures from a few weeks ago show an outdated version of EGB that you may not recognize if you just met her today.

While I have been known to exaggerate on this blog there is some truth to the rapid evolution of EGB's physical and emotional status. Sometimes after I work when I see her she has learned something entirely new over the course of 8 hours like clapping or dancing. This blows my mind. Actually it makes me wonder what happened to that hope and promise of my (allegedly) adult mind? What if I just came home from work one day and was like, "Hey family. I learned how to make my own aluminum foil today." Or, "Hey gang. I just picked up rocket science this morning." You'd think I was lying. But for some reason we're willing to accept that babies make rapid, monumental, life-shaping changes....but not adults.

It's as if all of the things in our lives are distracting us and inhibiting us from exercising our real transformative powers. That's it. I'm bringing baby power back. Watch out world it's revolution time in the form of baby neurons. I'm getting baby smart, but not wearing diapers.

Oh yeah, EGB went to the aquarium and this is what happened next.

EGB at her first trip to the aquarium with Grammy/Grandma/Granny/Nanny Boo (we're still working on the right name for her). She tried to eat a shark, but realized she needs to learn to swim first.

This is the Pope in his Popemobile.

This is the EGB in her EGB-mobile.

EGB attempting to break through the glass and set the fish free.
EGB and Grandma in the rainforest of Colorado.
Standing?!? It's an allusion.

Riding my duck. Sure that's normal. People ride ducks all the time.

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