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Friday, February 13, 2009

Taken Down

Yes. There has been a public outcry. "Why have there been so few blog entries since January 22nd?" Did you not read the last entry? My entire family was exposed to flesh-eating viruses and antibacterial resistant super germs at a boogie pizzeria.

So the EGB and I took a sick day. We passed around a box of Kleenex and watched justice being served on Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown and Judge Hatchett--it was a great lesson for EGB to see democracy at its finest.

Snow tastes good.
Posing for the calendar.
Look into my eyes..........Whattyu lookin' at? Yeah, I got 2 teeth and a moderately bald head. So?
Paparazzi Rule number #1- When a camera is pointed a you, attempt to tackle the cameraman.
Notice the left leg fully extended. I'll be walking soon and chasing deer.

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