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Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday. Camping Trip Success Story.

Happy Friday alllllll!  We survived another weekend in the woods.  Dirty feet, lost sunglasses, skeeter biters, grilled animals, dusty roads.....full stories are on their way.  
Until then, a Cliff note of how to hike EGB style.

#1--Fill up Camelbak with tons of water because Moms and Dads are always sweating me about drinking the stuff.  I prefer chocolate milk, but I'll entertain the captors for a bit.

 #2--Get your buddies and crush all your water in 2 minutes. 

#3--Find a mountain and hike it.

 #4--Smile when you pee in your shorts.  Change into new shorts.

#5--Grab a pole and slay fish with your friends.

 #7--Get yer own line and relax.

#8--And if those new shorts don't fit.  Don't worry people think it's funny when they fall off.
And that's it in a nutshell.  Do it over and over and over and you'll have a good life.

Go kick this weekend's tushy!

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