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Friday, July 1, 2011

Awww Snap It's Friday.

This is getting harder.  The hole is getting bigger and it's getting more difficult to get out.  I'm getting sucked into the can't-blog force field.  It's dark in here.....

I'm going to dig deep and find the inner fire.  But not today.  Maybe later.  Sorry folks. I'm livin.  I'm running.  I'm cleaning.  Life is upon us....there will be time for reflection later, because life gets easier, right?  Right?  Hello?  Whatever, I'll get it done.

The 4th of July is upon us which means that 2011 is more than 1/2 over.  Normally I'd assume my readers understand that, but I'm not sure about you all.  It also means that grilled meats, dangerous warm mayonnaise salad concoctions, and jean shorts are upon us. 

We're out.  We're heading to the grand mountains in search of dirt, fish, and finding out the most important things in life such as peeing on trees, sleeping on the ground, swimming in the creek, and fighting off bears.  Don't worry mom, we'd never go camping anywhere "isolated" because being away from the busy, hectic, noisy world is really, really bad.  We found a nice campsite in a Walmart parking lot.

Until then much love to you zoo animals.

And enjoy this terrifying video of of the EGB crushing yogurt.  Terrifying if you're yogurt.  Momma yogurt, don't let baby yogurt see this....she'll have nightmares of a kinky beast eating her kin.

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