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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slackin' on the Bloggin'

Yup. Wayyyyy behind in this blog thing. The good news is that EGB is still cruising without regards to this stankin' blog. I'm backlogged through March. I'll get you up to speed asap.

This whole organized life thing sure isn't easy. I know why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up. It's not quite as fun.

I went to a birthday party for EGB's buddy Evan. There was no good entertainment other than kids rolling around on mats and barfing icing. So I put together my mid-80s Lotspeich routine and showed those little rugrats who's boss. I do Bar Mitzvahs too.
But this is really the moment you've been waiting for. EGB in all her glory at the dinner table. I don't know many 23 month olds that can rock like this. I can't even rock like this. EGB is cooler and smarter than me. I have to accept that and let her fly out of the nest to Hollywood. I can't keep up with this insanity. Check this video out. It may change your life. Or make you chase a dream or two. Or just cough a Cheerio through your nose. They're all interesting moments in life.

Dream on.

Email subscribers will have to go to the site to see the videos. It's Google's evil plan to take over your brain. It's ok. I approve.

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The Griffins said...

OMG. i love her.

papadangerous said...

Same. She's a star. Some times a gang-star, but a star nonetheless.