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Thursday, April 8, 2010

EGB Wraps Up Month 22 and Hits Month 23 With Style

This is what March looked like--A semi-cranked out EGB riding the ebbs and flows of the 22nd month emotional tsunami and a tired-ass dad. There were mountain trips, skiing, sledding, eating, dancing, crying, capsized boats, invisibility cloaks, strobe lights, and water torture. It was a good month. It was all captured by the family historian and put into the vault for review. Upon review it will be shared with the world on a real large silver platter.

We're are now in the 23rd month which is mind blowing to think we've been at this whole parenting-child-rearing game for almost two years. Yes, it's a game. With winners and losers. The narrative entails the stories of bloodshed, tears, and weaponry. It's a serious game. Fortunately, the only way to win is to tickle. Laughter wins every time. Bohrman family happiness--1. Imminent threat of tantrum overide, Sartre's No Exit style--in eternal expectation of the torturer to arrive only to find out that we're here to torture each other, but when given the opportunity to leave we don't--0. Thank you for your help in our victory.

In the upcoming days you'll see the fruits of our victory. Pictures and videos to come. EGB skiing? Yep. At the park? You don't say. Punishing yogurt? All will be revealed.

The 23rd month has proven its readily available challenges....the era of "WANT". You thought it was "The world was your oyster"? Apparently, it's not. Your oyster is EGB's and so is your car, your dog, your children, your light saber. EGB is big on ownership mission which makes grocery shopping tough--within 30 minutes the cart is full of cookies, Fluff, anchovy paste, and meat tenderizer. We shop online now.

At this point EGB close to world domination via all your stuff and your neighbors stuff too. According to my sources this is normal as one needs to learn ownership prior to understanding sharing (not a lot of that going on around here). That makes sense except that there is serious underground war going on amongst the 23-month-olds across the globe over a lot of objects. It can be violent, so I tend to close my eyes.

The underground warrior and her captor for the day. It's a tense moment in a tranquil environment.
I don't trust any of your friends Papa. Who's that over there telling me to eat a waffle? I don't trust waffle people. I'm a pancake girl.
Geez, is it naptime yet. This photo shoot is getting old. Like you--old Dad. These pictures are repetitive. That's cool. I like repetition. I do. I do. I do. I do. Doo-doo. ha.

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