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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Down With EGB

The American Idol in training. She's skipping the introductory rounds and going straight to the finale.

EGB demands farm animals, warm milk, and PB&J in her dressing room. We all know she's a diva.

But her magic in is her melody and pure pitch. She's being heavily recruited by several high school choirs. Like the protective dad that I am I'm making sure she's going to enjoy her childhood and get a job that pays some bills around her. I mean, damn, somebody gotta pay for the food that feeds those cheeks.

So turn the speakers up and let the awesome out. Here's....Beyonce-G-B.

Side note--

I feel sorry for that microphone--on the verge of being eaten at any second is a precarious way to go through life. I wonder if they have a union or anything. This is borderline microphone cruelty.

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Anonymous said...

I think you might have a situation here.

Watched all the videos.

You might have the cutest kid ever.

We're coming out in July. Will you guys be around. We need to REALLY hang out. Seriously.

Miss you guys!