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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Better Off Sled"

The 1985-ish seminal flick, "Better Off Dead", has nothing on what you're about to see. Yes, there was a the Korean brother who spoke no English and the other learned English from Howard Cosell. In the EGB flick you'll see two "sisters-- one speaks Jive and the other speaks in Cheese. I don't speak either so I didn't really follow the movie.

The videos are directly on the blog for those who can't find them.....they're hiding from you.
I was wondering why EGB and Sidney were asking for Crisco earlier in the day......they was doin' some greasin' for the hill. Slick it up.

Apparently going for a sled with Papa D is like a walk in the park. EGB doesn't seem that entertained.

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