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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Devil Wears Yogurt

EGB was watching the Oscars and remarking that no one noticed her legendary performance in the 2009 drama, "The Devil Wears Yogurt". It ended up being a long night as I had to explain to her that the movie went straight to DVD and only sold two copies. I think Big Mommas House 2 even sold more copies....maybe. Then EGB got sad and threw her milk bottle at Sandra Bullock.

"Dang you Sandra! Best actress, my dirty diaper! That movie, All About Steve sucked and you know it! My performance in The Devil Wears Yogurt is breathtaking. It takes breath and throws it really far. Really really far. I hope your Oscar smells like old dog toes."

She would have kept going with this tirade, but I calmed her down with cheese. It usually works--that is, until we run out of cheese. Then it's back to yelling at Sandra.

For those of you who never viewed The Devil Wears Yogurt--here is your copy:

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