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Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Friday

Get down with Random Fridays. The day where random pictures of EGB will be tossed to the world in hopes that someone really famous sees her and wants to put her in a movie.

Who dat? Calvin? You stank dog--everytime I open this door you run me over like "Koool-Aid!!!!!!". I'm locking you out.
People say I look like my dad. He's furry....I'm fuzzy. I don't get it.
Sometimes a regular jean jacket isn't gonna cut it. Sometimes it's just gotta be white. I'm thinking about going to P-Diddy's White Party this year in the Hamptons. I've got the jacket now I just need the plane ticket.
Shake whatcha momma gave ya!
I sleep with wild animals. This is my ferocious bear, Rivers. One time a stranger tried to grab me and Rivers ripped his head off and threw it.
Me in my mobile mushroom. Born to ride...

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