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Friday, August 14, 2009

All Day PJs All The Way

Good Friday!

I hope you find a way to stay in your PJs all weekend. Not only are they comfortable, but you can wear them anywhere--including a Pow-Wow. Pow! Pow! Wow! Yes, don't be afraid to take your PJs to the street. I heard it's really big in Japan and the Japanese tend to be way least that's what I heard from my friends at the park.
Hot dog! I'm in the PJs. Let's party.My parents say you don't learn anything from watching TV. They're wrong. This is my new signature dance move I learned on "So You Think You Can Dance". Oh, I can dance alright. DJ! Hit the beats!
Out and about. Still in the PJs. Letting it all hang out.
Me and Mama and the PJs.
Good thing I have my flame-retardant PJs on. Those cheap ones from The Dollar Store would be torched right now.
Me and Poppa looking at people without PJs on. They look funny.

Now naptime and conveniently I'm still in my PJs. On your mark, get set, nap.

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svgklingon said...

Yo, I'm gonna rock the PJ's all day tomorrow kid!!!