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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Other 1/2 of the 4th Vacation

In the spirit of keeping up with our non-stop onslaught of EGB pics and happenings.....we're coming at ya with the rest of the 4th of July Wyoming pics. This edition will highlight the cousins' rendezvous, Grandpa's holding hold, and mountaintop escapades.

"Will fart for graham crackers."
Spinnin in my dress. Twirl a girl!
We're heading to the mountaintop "bar". See that little spot in the middle of the picture? That's the destination bar. It's "the smallest bar with on top of a mountain in the middle of Wyoming with no bar".

Cousin Logan Lane with Grandpa at the bar. Make me an iced formula shake, Grandpa!Does this hat make my cheeks look smaller?
Aunt Allie and cuz Logan all smiles. Smiles make me happy too.
This is our feeble attempt to take a group photo. Yes, the group is there, but Grandpa is yelling at the dogs, Logan is taking off her socks, Mama is looking at the sunset, I'm pooping, and Papa D is looking right at the camera like a good boy.
Grandpa with his holding chokehold on cuz Logan. Logan finds it funny. I don't play like that. If Grandpa tries that on me, I'm gonna pee in his coffee. I'm just sayin'.

Here's my pretty lil cuz in a car seat at least 20 miles away from the nearest car. But if a car were to pull up and she needed to get in right away she'd be ready. She must be a Girl Scout or something....always prepared and pockets full of cookies.
Ok, Logan. I'm gonna hit the buckle and you make a run for it. Don't turn around just run. I'll meet you at the bottom by the milk cooler. We'll hide until we need our diapers changed. Then we'll scream.
Me and Dairy Mama Queen. We're happy because we both have dry diapers.

Hey get your paws off of my Os!
Feel my hair, girl. Oh, it's natural. I just use fruit and berries.
Wait! Don't cry. You can get this beautiful hair for just $19.99. I'll email you the website.
"Um. Toto? I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." says EGB.
"No kiddin' cuz. I think we're in a shower." says Logan.
"I've never taken a shower before. I'm glad to share it with you. Pass the soap." says EGB.
"I think I just ate it." says Logan
"Ok. You'll fart bubbles now." says EGB
"Cool." says Logan

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ellen said...

I am crazy like that! You guys are the greatest. When can we hang out again? Miss you three!!!