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Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's An Overdue Post!!!!

This morning I woke up to a shrieking, "Whaaaaaat?"

So I go running to source of the scream at the computer. It's EGB, who had broken out of her cage, logged on the the Internet, and realized that there has only been one blog entry in the month of July. A short one, at that. So I say to her, "Hey, you little 6-toothed (a new development) baboon. What are you doing out of your cage and more importantly, if you know how to use the Internet, why don't you have a job?"

EGB, being smarter than us mortals, said, "First of all, I'm out of my cage because I built a helicopter out of diapers in my sleep. Secondly, I don't have a job, because you haven't updated the blog which ultimately is supposed to be used to attract the attention of agents that can strategically place me with products that will sell millions."

"Oh." I shrugged and left EGB to her surfing the web for cow pictures. Cows are like naked milk pictures. I'm thinking about blocking those sites.

So yes, EGB is correct. There has been some neglect in the blogosphere. Which truly is unfair to those of you who don't get to see the daily delights of EGB. Quite frankly, it's busy around here. Busy doing what, you ask? We're busy living our lives so that we have material for the blog. That's really what we're living for. The blog. If there was no blog, we'd be living in a cavernous basement in utter darkness awaiting EGB's first day of college. But because there is a blog....we have an obligation to leave the house and live. In the words of Hemingway, "Go to Key West. Drink beer. Shoot guns"

Wait...wrong quote. Actually, he said, "In order to write about life, first you must live." True.

We've been busy celebrating EGB's bipedal existence (in the way a drunken sailor is bipedal--it's negotiable). About 3 weeks ago she made the full transition from part-time walker to full-time. Evolution before our very eyes. Still not much hair, but a congregation of curls have gathered on the back of her head. There are some new words, "happy, wizard, shoe, please, thank you." (Hmmm. Happy Wizard Shoe? Could be onto something...)

We're going to try to play catch up and get you the past few months over the next few weeks. We'll start with our trip to Wyoming for the 4th of July.....

The entrance to Shady Lane Ranch.....Look really hard and you'll see EGB in the branches of the 7th tree on the right. See her. No? That's because she's not there.
Gone swimmin. This attire is whack. I've got a Wonder Woman bikini on with a floral safari hat and over sized life jacket? Wonder Woman doesn't need life jackets. I'm like the opposite of Wonder Woman.....introducing the first episode of da, da, daaaaa--Normal Girl!
That's better. Here is Normal Girl doing something very normal for a 13 month old--being assisted by her mother in a swimming pool. Stay tuned for the next episode of Normal Girl as she eats blueberries for a snack.
Hola. I'm headed to Mexico where the milk is warmer.
Papa Dangerous and his artistic photo. He's not really wearing all black and 15 feet tall. That's his shadow which is much stronger than the real Papa.

Since you're not gonna move your head, I guess I'll say thank you Dairy Momma for giving me the back of your sweaty neck to put my sticky cheek on to nap.
Me and the captors. They are embarrassing.
Checking out the grand Wyoming scenery. It's a whole lotta dirt.
Are you going to keep me in this stinking backpack all weekend? What do you think I am? A textbook?
Oh my goodness! We're lost! We're gonna get eaten by monsters.
Go that wayyyyyyy! I smell millllk!
Whew we made it. Back to the land where milk flows like dirty diapers.

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