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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Celebrate The 100th Entry

It's time to celebrate the 100th blog entry for the EGB blog. We've yet to win any awards, but we'll write 1,000 more until we get some recognition around here. If there is a blog of the year award, we deserve it just for the EGB cuteness alone. Then if you throw in her magical eyes that can tame lions--forget about it.....she can bring peace in the Middle East if Hillary Clinton would just take her along. I'm just sayin'.

In doing the math--100 blog entries in 365 days=a lot. So there. We've done a lot of blogging and have a lot of memories to look back on. We'll be doing a year retrospective next week....stay tuned.

The 100th entry is quite fitting as EGB comes up on her 1st birthday this Sunday the 31st. We are having a blowout in a park in Colorado that you're all invited to. That is if you like hamburgers, whiskey, swingsets, cake, giants, and formula. Since this is 90% of you--you'd have a good time. But, wow, 1 year....a lot can happen. We've all grown and will continue to grow. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you with a little bit of us.

There is a glut of material that's been stockpiled in the ultra-secure data storage center, aka the basement, that needs to be shared with you all, but for now we'll just start with our recent visit to the creek.

To 100 more....cheers.

There are 7,439 pictures of me on the Internet and I'm still not a star. That's ludicrous. I'm getting a new agent. Papa, you're fired!

I hate grass. It hurts my sensitive skin. I've got a whole blog entry coming up about my dislike of the green spears. Please hold me.

Grass doesn't even taste good. I'll karate chop it. Hi-ya. Die grass.
Silly bears. Why you kisssin' each other? Kiss me. I'm kisssable.
Arrr. I'm a Pioneer on the frontier. Call me Ellie Crockett. Where's the gold?

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ellen said...

woohoo! I had a couple drinks for you and Jay last night. Miss you and can we please see you this summer? Late July?