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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day In The Life of The EGB

First of all, I caught EGB on my computer again. This time she was shopping for plane tickets to the Caribbean. I asked her why she wanted to go to the islands and not stay in solitary confinement in Colorado. She said she wants to further her swimming experiences in tropical waters. A fair response, but contrary to the credit card companys' predatory wishes, she's yet to own her own card. So no EGB-planned vacations as of yet...unless you consider crawling around the house attempting to dunk your head in the toilet a vacation--if so, she's been on vacation for a few months.

Secondly, yesterday was Mother's Day, which means Mothers everywhere were lavished with praise, love, champagne, food, chocolate, sun, mosquitoes, bicycles, whatever. Mother's Day-- a well deserved special day for you. Mothers, my hat is off to you. You somehow know things that Daddies never will--hereby saving our behinds from pending parenthood disasters daily. Without you we'd be feeding babies pop and hot dogs, surfing the web for how to diaper, likely in E.R. more often, and generally miserable and even grumpier without you.

To The Dairy Queen and the moms in my life. We love you and are eternally grateful for your sacrifice for us as babies and as fathers (not much difference between the two). You are our rock. EGB says in her special Mother's Day shout out, "hi, hi, hi, dog-gie, dada, nana, nana, hi, hi" which translates to, "Thankfully the stars and moon aligned themselves to end up in this wild monkey chamber with you as my mom. Plus you can sing real good, which makes me the envy of my classmates whose mamas sing like dogs in heat."

The other day I decided to kick open the bedroom door with a camera and lights to see what EGB was really up to. Hence the following picture....

Doh! Papa! I'm just dancin waiting for you to play with me.

Calvin the Orange Ganster and I are ready to be taken out of captivity to run free in the wild. Grab your keys and let's go!
Calvin says, "Owwoooooo." Which means, "Yeah, what the little meat face said."
EGB says, "Who you callin' meat face? Cow breath fur stank!"
Oops threw all my toys out of my cage.
Gimme those toyyyyyssss. By the way, my name is on the wall in case I forget. The other day, I could have sworn my name was Shelly. Thank goodness for my wall name-sign to avoid the confusion.

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