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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hotlanta Trippin'

Apparently there are limited places that EGB can sleep--crib, pack n' play, and car seat. Unfortunately, for parents (us) and those in the rows ahead and behind of us, the airplane is NOT one of these magical places. But fortunately for parents (us) she is exceptionally cute and surprisingly polite for having skipped her beauty naps in her travels. She passed a little gas (blamed it on the guy behind us) and threw a few Cheerios, but other than that she smiled at all that would glance at her. Quite the performance artist....cry when no one was looking, smile when they were. It's a wicked game.

Speaking of Cheerios. Apparently there is some sort of baby stimulant that is present in the little oatey wheels. As long as the Cheerios were flowing--The EGB was glowing. I had Cheerios in every pocket ready to go at all times. She must have eaten at least 6 adult servings on each flight. Which means she was very full of fiber and regular as could be.

We were happy to be in ATL to celebrate some birthdays, meet a cousin/niece, and visit with all the generations....

This is your cousin, Logan. Meet and greet her. Sniff her breath. Teach her the ways of a 9 month old warrior.

Ummmm, yeah. Breath is good. Must be genetics. Ah. Um. Well. Not much more to talk about. Nice to meet ya. I like your jacket. Do you like your mom and dad. Mine are kind of embarrasing.

Ok lil' cuz, it's time for me to school you in some things. Mug it up for the camera. Drool a lot. You can get away with a ton of stuff because you're cute. Push it. To the limit. It's fun to watch your goofy parents guess what's going on. It's a game. Haaaa haaaa haaaa.

This is what our family would look like if we kidnapped Logan and adopted her as one of the monkeys in our tribe. I tried to keep her, but mom and dad made me give her back. Come visit cuz. Or at least email me. Page me?

This is me on my best behaviour at the restaurant. Guess what I had to eat? Cheerios and peas! They were just as good as the day before, and before, and before, and before. Dang, I need some variety.

Dang, cuz, we got locked up in the crib together. Do you want to sit up and then run away to Hardees for a ham biscuit? You do? Sweet. Let's roll.

Wait a sec, says Logan, I don't know how to sit up and I really don't know what ham or biscuits are. I just said yes to be cool. It's cool to like ham biscuits, right?

Oh, yeah, says EGB, ham biscuits are like formula shakes times a quatrillion. Ok here's the plan. You start crying, one of these silly grown-ups will come over, I'll steal the keys....and then we'll bounce to Hardeeeeeeeees. Got it?

Dude you ruined it! You weren't supposed to doo doo. Now the plan is messed up. All right, all right, it's OK you're only 3 months old. When you're my age you'll totally get it and we'll be crushing ham biscuits in no time. And cuz, it's very important that you pretend to like it when old people read you books. They totally eat it up. I just like to lick the pages.

Oui, oui Pierre. I'll have some San Pellegrino with milk....on the floor, of course.

This vacation is awesome. New floors to scoot on are the best.

This is me and cuzin Lulu on this monster stuffed animal at our great grandmas place. I'm teaching cuz how to be a friend to the animals. By the way, Logan, I'm totally pumped that you don't have any hair either. I'd have to get a wig if my little cuzin had more hair than me.

Hangin' with the multi-generations of ladies, cousins, aunts, mamas, and all. Thanks. I had a great trip. I'd do it again tomorrow if my parents would let me.

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