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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Hanging Out Pics.

Boys weekend....then girls weekend. Us parents have been busy. I have lots to share, but for now. We've got some deep vault pics for the hardcore EGB fans to get their fix.

Hopefully this tides you over until the next posting.

I drool, therefore I am.
Whatchu talkin about Willis? I got hair.
Me in my animal kingdom. Dogs, ducks, and portable heaters.
Posing. Showing a little leg.
Sweet dreams. I have dreams. But then I wake up and I'm hungry. So I forget my dreams. Milk is powerful.
I've been trying unsuccessfully for 8 months to get this stupid frog. I got him now. I'm gonna eat him.
Happy as a clam.
Me and my mama. Not yo mama. My mama. All mine.

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