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Monday, March 9, 2009


We did it.

Family vacation with 8 month old was a success. Which basically means there were no trips to the hospital, mental ward, or Babies R Us.  This not to say there weren't any hiccups. On the way into town, EGB had a breakdown of epic proportions. Possibly because she was strapped into her car seat like a mental patient for 3 hours. Given the circumstances, I'd likely pee in my diaper and throw a fit as well. So we stopped on top of the pass in the snow at approximately 10,000 feet above sea level to administer the patient her nightly ration of milk. That calmed the scene down for the remaining 30 minutes until we got to the cabin.

The rest of the weekend went like this--sleep, eat, hot tub, drink, eat, sleep, eat, hot tub, drink, sled.  The last one, sledding, was quite the highlight of the weekend.  After driving around town looking for a sledding hill which didn't entail getting shot at by a farmer or climbing Mt. Everest, we found a moderate hill behind a warehouse.  This hill took 50 runs before the snow was packed enough to go 1/2 a mile an hour.  By that time it was nap time.  We headed back to the cabin....lo and behold the best sledding hill in Steamboat turned out to be our driveway. We took the EGB for a few runs and then put her down for her nap.  That's when all the crazy broke out--adult sledding.  World peace could easily be accomplished by act of sledding.  It's that much fun.  US, the Iranians, N. Koreans (and anyone else we tend not to play nice with) should get together at this Steamboat driveway for some hot sleddin'.  Maybe a couple of playful pushes to get some speed.  Crash.  Laugh.  Maybe a little hot chocolate...roast a goat, whatever. I'm telling you, the world would be a better place.

Sledding smiles.  Family peace.  World peace.  Peas?  Did somebody say peas? Feed me.
EGB has a custom sled which allows her do 360s and roll while strapped in like an astronaut.  
Sledding is fun.  Mama is purrty.  What did you do with my hands?
Faster!  I said faaaaaaster!!!!  You didn't put me in this space suit for nothin'!
Whatchu lookin at?  I spit peas in your eye.
Family shot.....before I pushed Mama and Dada over the railing and sledded to the bar for hot milk shots.
...but Calvin stopped me as I tried to fly to town.  Dumb doggie.
This is my new winter outfit.  I think I saw Mariah Carey wearing this in Aspen.  She's totally copying my style.  I know I wear it better girl.
Just thinking about really deep things and then forgetting them.

Vacation is fun.  I mean life is fun.  It's all fun.  Where am I? crazy!  This yarmulka is in my eyes!!
Dog tired.  Good boy.  Homeward bound.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we were there! We have some great memories from that place!! Lots of margaritas and a whole lotta hot tub. I think I was the designated driver that night which is not saying a whole lot! Miss you guys and the snow... at least I do today!! And dave, nice play you wrote on my blog. I may post because it is pretty funny... and the place is big... but not that big! Good times...