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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dad Blogger Product Review

Since this blog is so popular we've almost broken Google with our extreme traffic, I figured it be a good idea to review products from time to time to let the world know what the most famous family thinks of various products.  We get so many free products in the mail that our mailman wants to fight me. 

Keep em coming product people.  I know sometimes you have to make a decision between us and some punk ass mom blogger.  No fluff here.  I keep it real.  And if you send an envelope of cash, I'll say super nice stuff.  I'll even be happy for a slice of pizza and a semi-cold beer...

Up next in my inventory of reviews is.  The Comb.  It came from China and while it looks all pretty and white.  It works pretty bad.  It's basically a medieval torture device for EGB.  BB thinks it's funny, but he also thinks pooping in his pants is funny.  I don't.

So to all you parents out there who are contemplating the purchase of a comb, think long and hard about what you're getting yourself into.  Your fingers and a bucket of butter might just do the trick.

Papa Dangerous Product Rating Score= "I'll fight you for making this"

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