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Friday, September 23, 2011

Did It Again

Let a whole week go by without getting you the news. 

You deserve better.  Oh well, it's Friday and we gots lots to do.  Baby on deck!

Until then ya little humans.

EGB is in a serious Cinderella phase.  Which means nothing other than an astute awareness of laundry patterns that will render her dresses clean.  I guess I'll give her the grace of Cinderella with the cheeks of a chipmunk.

This coffee shop is lame.  Where my princesses at? Holler.
Sometimes you just gotta put on your du rag to just do stuff.  I'm not doing much, but just in case I do, I'm ready.

I've got this bike, but I'm more into spaceships.  Take me to your leader, especially if he has cookies or cake.  I crush that stuff for breakfast.

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Diann Rastetter said...

Are you tellin us that your Mommy is preggo again!?!?!? when is she due? Oh, this is so exciting!!

papadangerous said...

Correct. Due date now. Prepare for takeoff!!!!!!