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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Darker

In the morning and at night.  Not sure how I feel about it all.  The long days are dwindling.  EGB is noticing it in her 2 year old mind.

"It's a little dark daddy?  All the way dark?  Just a little?"

As you can see EGB is going through a big quantitative phase in her life.  She's extra interested in the variables that make things bigger, smaller, more, less, younger, older, etc.

The big default answer that seems to be working (for now) is "when you're older".  She had a nuclear meltdown the other day when she ran out of school and directly into the HR office of the university.  First of all, I have no idea how she knew where she was going, but she ran directly in and interrupted some sort of interview and dove into a bowl of Dum-Dum lollipops.  You know the ones they give out for free at the bank that no matter how hard you try you still end up eating some of the paper stick?  That kind.  Being the responsible parent that I am I grabbed the sugar hound out of the lollipop bowl and said no to her undying plea for a lollipop.  She's never had a lollipop....that I know of,  but she used her Spiderman sense and knew it was worth rolling around on the floor blasting tears and screams.  The HR lady thought it was cute.

I told EGB when she's older she can have one.  It didn't work.  She writhed, wormed, bawled, you name it.  Must suck to be a kid sometimes.

Come to think of it, as an adult "when you're older" isn't something you usually want to hear either.

"Ooooh when can I wear those Depends diapers?"

"When you're older"


"When you're older"

Sometimes getting older means a lollipop.  Other times it means dentures.  Life is weird like that.

Happy Friday.  I hope you get everything you want when you get older too.

Here have a pine cone.

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