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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Land In Between

EGB has hit a turning point. No longer a baby. Not quite an adult. She's pretty much a zoo monkey with diapers. A purgatory of sorts (without all the biblical fiery stuff). Am I baby? Or am I zoo animal? It's a tough place.

I told her to hold out until May when she's 2. It will all make sense then. That's what sucks about being a kid. Old people always tell you, "Wait until you're....." When I was 6 my sister told me to wait until I was 9 to find out about the tooth fairy. 3 years? That was forever. I hated being told to wait.

I lived my whole young life waiting for something. Then forgetting about it. Kids live in no-mans land. But the best thing is that kids binge and purge emotions. So the pining quickly fades. It forces patience because you're little and have no keys to get out of town. Locked into the world of your family. It's not such a bad thing, but you are pretty trapped at 27 lbs and 30 inches. The doors stay closed.

Then you get big and get your own keys. You are liberated from the confines of the familial bureaucratic administration to only find that you actually are a zoo animal--with or without diapers. And I'm not sure who's running the joint, but the cage is dirty and the bingeing continues. Now it's the purging that's most difficult.

I'm gonna squeeze the Friskies out of you.
EGB in the mountains with her Uncle Vladimir from the old country.
Girl, you gots to file the nails and do your hair proper. Flash a grin from time to time....they'll be putty in your hands.
My books and me. The only good thing about adults is that they explain what's in my books. Other than that, I really don't have much use for them.

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