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Friday, February 19, 2010

Return of Lady E-G.

We went to a puppet show last night at EGB's school. It was a relatively high level performance--by the puppets. Not EGB. I'm trying to erase some images from my head. Just think one-eyed coneheads. Weird, huh? I'll get back to you with a recap shortly.

But for now feast them eyes on this lil' star. For those in the know--it's fashion week in Golden. It's the time where all the stars=only one=EGB get their latest on for the world.

It's Lady E-G with more fashion than Lady Ga Ga has in her nasty toes.

Captured in the weekly segment, "The Stars Are Just Like Us."

Umm. Where's the grocery? Gotta get some pull-ups in here. These Costco diapers are for lil' fever dogs. I need the designer kind. Some gold studded ones wouldn't hurt.

Oh hey! I didn't see you Mr. Paparazzi. Get my good side. There's Sean Penn--I'm gonna go punch him in the mouth for you.
You want a close up? Ok. Photoshop my boogers please. Now get outta my face. I got work to do. Where is my butler? Daaaaaaaaad!

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The Griffins said...

I love love love your new layout!!!! it's so cool. How'd you do it?
PS-EGB is the cutest!!!

papadangerous said...

Hey! Just messed around with it. Not sure if I'm entirely sold on the layout yet. I've gotta figure out the "stretched" picture issues. Your little dude is getting all big all quick! best to all.

dave and gang