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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EGB In The Great Outdoors

Periodically we like to take the EGB out for fresh air.  Notice I said periodically...we don't want her getting any ideas.  We want to keep her in a baby bubble where babies stay babies and never cry.  A place where "growing up" means they can change their own diaper, but that's about it.  She's growing up fast and I have a feeling that fresh air makes her grow faster.  I'm not a baby-growth-ologist, but I could have sworn she grew last time we took her to the park.  That's the last time she's going to a park.  We'll be keeping her in the basement in utter darkness for now.

Here we accidentally took EGB out for a hike.  She enjoyed it, but I was worried the whole time about the negative affects the fresh air and mountain scenery was having on her.  Hopefully she didn't age too much and never wants to do it again......but I fear it was quite fun.  I mean, it was pretty and all.  

Yipeee.  I'm out of that stankin house!  Now I'm in a backpack.  I'm like a really expensive school book with a hat.
I got the Sun in my hand.  Don't mess with me.  I'll burn you.
Sometimes I meditate with my Papa D., but then I pee and it messes up the whole concentration thing.  Meditation must be for the undiapered.
Me and the captors.  Oh, and that orange fur stanky with the goofy tongue is my friend, Calvin.  
Man, your big ol' head has been in the way the whole hike! About time you moved it so I can see something other than your curly rug.  Ahh, trees.

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