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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's EGB. I've Hijacked MY Blog

Hey all it's EGB. My Dad has been busy doing whatever Dads do. He-He -He...I said do. Doo doo. Doo dee doo doo. Doody. Doooooodiiieeeeeee!

I'm not sure what he's been doing. But I know he's busy. So I'm going to grab the bull by the ankle and do this blog thing. I've been busy too, ya know. I learned how to say a new word, "sock". I'm not sure what it means, but Dad and Dom think it's funny. So I'll continue to entertain them.

Sometimes I think they had me just to be their clown. I'm really OK with it. I mean, I AM funny...I look like a pirate...and am a relatively good investment. With the way economic things are these days--I'm a sure thing. I'm guaranteed to make people smile and I have special powers that allow me to part oceans. I think that's worth it. Who knows, in some years down the road, I could invent something or grow some hair and be an actress--then I could start padding the 401k. But for now all I have is smiles and drool. Mom and Dad say that's the best gift of I'm gonna keep smiling and drooling--and doo doo-ing (to mix it up).

Until next's some pictures of me, of course.

Me and my friend Ella. We have similar names and a similar appetite for destruction. One time me and Ella took a roll of aluminum foil, wrapped ourselves up, and burnt people in the sun. Another time Ella and I went grocery shopping and hid in the meat display. Some wishful mom asked how much we were a pound. The deli guy didn't know so he asked the manager who said we were on sale. I spit on him.
When me and all my girls get together we establish chaos immediately.

Me on the beach in my swim suit. I can swim now. Been taking lessons for 2 months which means my friends call me Michelle Phelps. Part fish.
Ummm. Where is everyone. That big frog is making me pee.
Rule #1 when swimming. Look good. Check.

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