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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Delta Dawn What's That Flower You Have On?

So where have I been?

Making rock videos, of course. 

This one is one that EGB's mama sang in many a dusty roadhouses.  On long lingering summer evenings this tune was belted out in the spirit of the faithful searchers.  In her younger days they called her Delta Dawn. Wandering with a suitcase in her hand and looking for a mysterious dark haired man.   She never allowed anyone to know her.  She was always pretending. But she had the prettiest eyes, you'd ever laid eyes on. 

All the folks round here said she's crazy. 

EGB has that timeless spirit.  I have a feeling she'll be a searcher and likely searched, as well.  Hopefully, it aint by the Po-Po while she's on the lam after knocking off some 7-11s though.

Come on, Helen.  You did this good, but EGB gonna take your Grammy and melt it into a big gold plate for her cookies.

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