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Friday, April 8, 2011

Yeah Boy It's Friday.

Get yur mullets out.  Do some noodlin'  with Billy Bob EGB.

We've had a lot going on the past two usual, hang tight and you'll get the goods.  Sheesh, calm down, it's not like you gotta pay for this content.  And things have finally slowed down.  I've placed EGB in a reverse-incubator in which she stays 2 until I say so.  Pretty cool and working on the patent so don't go copying or the world will be over saturated with cranky 2 year olds manning the streets, crushing candy in pull-ups, and turning our grocery stores into playgrounds.

Speaking of--I'll always love that parents can just take their kids to these large plastic structures in a park and kids will just climb and run.  Adults could never get away with that....before midnight that is.  I may try climbing around at my desk at work today.  May start a revolution or tear a hole in pants.  I'll report back.

EG-Billy doin what she do best....Rock the mullet and drink milk in a can.
Side profile to see the business going on in the front....but the party's really going on in the BACK. Have a good weekend y'all and hope to see you at the river.  I'll be in my jeans floatin it in a cooler.

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