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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whoah! Where Have We Been?!?!

Don't fret.  I was abducted by an EGB-ian.  It's a rare form of alien that lives on an aquatic planet.  The good news is that I'm safe and have lots of adventures to share.  I missed you.

If you see the EGB-ian, she looks like this, has tattoos, drinks milk like a dog, and is very dangerous.  Follow her orders or she'll slap you with a flipper. 

Hang tight all....I've got some bombs to drop on ya.

 Take me to your leader.  My hair is kinky and my eyes are sweaty.  I've got lots to offer to your people.

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Anonymous said...

oh EGB-ian,

please have mercy on the way, you look so pretty in that purple dress ;)

papadangerous said...

Thank you "yellowbrown". I'll show you some mercy since you're nice.

what's yellowbrown? hee hee.