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Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday and Fourth of Juuuuuly

Happy Friday as we enter into the July 4th weekend. Can't believe it's July, 2010. I can't believe a lot of things. Sometimes I can't believe we have a kid. Speaking of a kid, here was the conversation yesterday while brushing EGB's teeth:

(Frustrated because I can't effectively brush EGB's teeth as she keeps biting the toothbrush)

Me: Quit biting your toothbrush.

EGB: No, I wanna taste it.

Me: OK, then what does it taste like?

EGB: French fries.

Me: Huh?

I don't know what that means, but she may be on to something. I'm thinking caffeinated french fry flavored toothpaste is the future. By the time you get done brushing your teeth you'll be jacked up and have awesome french fry breath. But you didn't really eat french fries. Get it? I'm patenting it.

Well enjoy this weekend. Be safe. (For the record, I don't think I've ever acted any safer as a result of someone telling me to "be safe". I'm not sure why we say it, but I do mean it. So I guess better advice then "be safe" at this point would be, "If you have a lighter in your hand right now and have the intention of shooting a bottle rocket at another person. That's not really safe so don't do it." I think that's better.) So get out there, drink cheap beer and enjoy some charred meat. Happy Fourth.

EBB's advice is to rob a bank with a smile.
Take your shirt off and ride a duck.
Take a walk and contemplate dinner plans.
Eat bananas and love the earth.
Support your local business.
And don't forget that we were all once bald headed divas. At some point we all grew up and became full haired divas. There's a big difference.

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