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Friday, December 11, 2009

EGB Is 18 Months Old and Ready For The Weekend


I know I said I wasn't, but I am. I feel an obligation as the family historian to stay on top of all the happenings of our clan. And things are happenin'. There is just not enough time this holiday season. It's my hope that in the coming weeks I'm able to create an arsenal of post so that I can blow you out of the water. 2010 is coming. Change is coming. Details to come.

Until then. I wish you all a weekend. Wishes do come true, ya know.

Up first a video of the great EGB using a spoon. It's an inspiring tale of some oatmeal that made a long treacherous journey across the Midwest to our house. Upon arrival we brought the well travelled oats into our warm home and boiled him. EGB proceeded to get her favorite torture instrument, the spoon, and stuff the oats in her face. Heartwarming episode. Think Great Gatsby meets Freddy Krueger. Think Oscar performance. Any agents out there?

Next is a mini look-back. How the months fly. It was just months ago....

3 months old and toothless.

4 months.....and still toothless.

5 months.....and not sure if toothless, but little.

6 months and life to go.
17 months and running away to her native home with the monkeys in the Patagonia rainforest.

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