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Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Adventures On Planet Rock

Announcement. It's the weekend.

The EGB is now 15 1/2 months. Which is also 67 weeks or 11,400 hours, or 684,000 minutes, or 41,040,000 seconds. Basically not much time has passed, but life just isn't the same. I remember when Fridays used to mean maybe a nap, leisurely dinner, happy it's diapers, giggles, cutting grapes into small pieces, reading pop-up books--wouldn't change it for the world. Naps are overrated--unless you're EGB, they're necessary to rejuvenate the life source needed to fight the dog who runs her over.

Happy weekend and may you take a shower and smell nice.

This hiking thing is awesome because you carry me around like a princess and show me off to the rocks. I must be special.
Apple picking in the front yard is interesting. I didn't know apples grow in the grass. I ate an apple whole once. It didn't go down so well so I shot it out of my mouth like a blowdart and took out the neighbor's cat.
Gotta reach for the best apples. What's apple picking without a little danger. Oops. I'm showing waaaayyy too much diaper for a family blog. I'm racy like that.
In school Little House on the Prairie style. Teacher!? That kid behind me stanks. Check his diaper for a dead animal.Huh?
Me at my 1st birthday party. I hated that tu-tu.Today after 3 months of counseling, I've learned to love that tu-tu. It was a long road but now me and my tu-tu are tight.
Dancing in the kitchen is sweet until I hit the oven, turn on the burner and scorch my afro. That's when the fun stops.

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Heather Mac said...

Awwwwwweee... I love the hiking picture. So many smiles - priceless!

The Griffins said...

I love love love reading about EGB...she has the best personality. Hope her and Whit hang out someday!!!

papadangerous said...

Thanks to both H-Mac and Griffins.....EGB wants to meet you all and show you her dirty diaper.

Heather Mac said...

I would be honored to see her dirty diaper ;)