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Friday, October 29, 2010

There Is A Sign Next To My Computer That Says....


I haven't.  I'll write about that later.

So I'll do the next best thing to creating a writing mandroid that could document the life of EGB and auto post to the blog......I'll let pictures fly.

It's Friday too, which according to EGB is a day to play.  Because most other days are really devoted to studies and jedi mind development.  I walked in her room the other day and she quickly covered up whatever she was working on.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, " said EGB.

"Really?  Then what's under the blanket?"

"Oh this?  It's a present for you Papa D.  I know how you looooove presents and since you're being all nosy and stuff I guess I'll ruin your surprise." Said EGB. (Ever notice how kids turn things on your right quick like that? Damn.)

I decided not to push her as I believe in allowing her some privacy (that is until she's a teenager and I'll be accompanying her to school dances and attaching GPS tracking devices to all her things).  However, under the blanket I some radioactive stickers.  She's likely building a time machine.  She's adventurous like that.

But on the weekends we just play with simple teddy bears and blocks.  I'm looking forward to it.  You should get your play on too.

Put away the weekly projects and hang with Papa D.  He's not smart, but he's my dad so I pretend to let him "teach" me things.
Get on the party shades and crush snacks.

Maybe even rock one of those sweaters that old people love.
Now this is what I'm talking about.  Rock a belly shirt.  Some party boots.  And party.
Rock the belly shirt to the playground too.  Nothing says style like a belly shirt with velcro shoes.  It's hot in Milan.
Dang.  Dog tired.  Is it Monday yet so I can get back to the books? 

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Anonymous said...

miss you guys.
she's too cute.
I also know that sign.
however, mine seems to be stamped upon my brain.
oh time and discipline, they both allude me.